Use our EDI software to submit electronic gas nominations to pipelines via the most robust EDI platform in the North American energy industry. Leverage modern EDI solutions from a trusted EDI company to drastically reduce your costs. Onboard EDI Trading Partners faster. 


EDI solutions for both Shippers & Pipelines.


Cloud based EDI at scale!


Our software is North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) certified. All NAESB datasets supported.

Managing an endless demand for EDI setups and integrations? Let us help. Free up employees to focus on more challenging and revenue generating tasks. EDI mapping software and API integration – all in 1 platform. Get started quickly!

Connect to these popular EDI Trading Partners and many more:


Let us build, monitor, or run an EDI platform for you.

  • NAESB Certified: Our EDI solution is certified by the North American Energy Standards Board (WGQ v3.0) helping you meet compliance mandates.
  • For Pipelines: We’re currently connected to over 100 interstate pipeline EDI trading partners.
  • For Shippers: We’re currently connected to several Shippers and even the U.S. Govt as EDI trading partners.
  • Scalable: We’re processing over 4 million EDI transactions per month.
  • Full Service: All NAESB EDI Datasets supported.
  • Your choice of deployment: Deploy on premises or in the cloud (SaaS).
  • Flexible: EDI & Non-EDI (custom) integrations supported.
  • Proven: We’re the leading EDI clearinghouse for the industry.

NAESB® Certified EDI


Onboard EDI partners faster

We leverage proven pre-configured EDI templates, allowing you to spin up partner connections in days, rather than months. Our core EDI technology engine has been developed and refined over many years.

Enhance EDI visibility

We give you visibility into your underlying business processes. See your entire EDI chain in real-time. You can do EDI to JSON, EDI to CSV, EDI to APIs all with minimal impact to your existing infrastructure.

Cloud based EDI at scale

Our flexible user friendly platform allows you to grow on your terms and timeframe. Maximize your existing EDI software investment with API connectivity, and beyond. See a clear path to value.

EDI Pricing

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your EDI results in the first 90 days, get a full refund!


Monthly Subscription Based Package

Unlimited Trading Partners
Unlimited Pipelines
Unlimited EDI Datasets
Unlimited EDI Transactions
All EDI settings built by us
Includes test & prod environments
Includes future NAESB upgrades
Managing the time schedule for running EDI jobs
Cloud-based or On-premise
Secure dashboard for real time status of each EDI transaction
Password vault
Monitor performance of all trading partners on 1 dashboard
99.9% Uptime
Call For Price/month
Talk to an expert

EDI Basics

What is EDI?

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standard electronic format between different businesses. EDI’s standardized communication format creates a universal language across every industry in the world. EDI has evolved over the decades to become the most globally recognized business communication standard, allowing for enterprises to conduct business electronically across business networks and geographic borders. It’s an essential component to a modern ecosystem and application integration strategy.

Who uses EDI?

Who uses EDI?
Retail giants (e.g. Amazon, Walmart), hospitals (like HCA, Memorial Hermann), automobile manufacturers (e.g. Ford, BMW), energy companies (e.g. Exxon, KinderMorgan), and companies across several other industries.